XBMC Android APKs

Suspending the builds for a while again, until I figure out where the problems arise from. Both, the amlplayer-version and the non-amlplayer-versions, are currently not working due to missing library references. I’ll look into it and let you know about my progress.

Nothing is happening

Well… that is not true – actually, quite a lot is happening. But that is my personal life.
The rest is standing still though – I am currently working not even a single bit on FreakOut.
I don’t find the time to get myself to learn python (although I don’t want to, it deems to be necessary – even if the only result is that I can implement a mysql-solution for sickbeard at last… it bugs me how slow the sqli backend is… at least I assume it is, reading from the terrible loading times sickbeard has) which in turn would help me to get my hands on gamez, which at least seems to be a good starting off point for a multi-operating-system FreakOut.
Additionally I had my hands full with building a high-end buildserver for Android ROMs and APKs (especially XBMC) which finally is complete.

Long story short:
Job life is killing my free time so no progress on FreakOut has been made.


Since Spam hast taken up a lot of time for this blog (funny, isn’t it? With only one post here I thought I probably won’t get hit and don’t have to worry about it until I have more content – well… that assumption was plain stupid), I finally decided to give in and activated an Anti-Spam-Tool. This hopefully will resolve my problems.