Outlook 2013 + Growl

I recently had some time to work myself around Outlook 2013 and was looking for a way to display new mail notifications via growl, so I get notified when not at my computer (using “Notfiy My Android” in conjunction with growl to forward any messages to my smartphone) –  you might remember that my company shut off the access to the Exchange servers via smartphone. So I don’t get the full mail, but I get a notice that a new mail arrived, including its subject. Pretty neat.

I found a little VB-script that you can use in Outlook 2013 (or any Outlook for that matter) to get notifications about new e-mail arriving. You can find the script including instructions over here:

Works like a charm!


Just a little advertising here (seriously though – it’s not like I’m getting paid to do this, just wanted to share). Just discovered this neat little service:


It is a very free service which allows you to syncronize your Outlook Calendar with your Google Calendar – in both directions. For free. I just needed such an application desperatly, but couldn’t install gsync because my company does not allow for such dll’s to be installed on our work-laptops. So, now I got an easy way to sync up my work calendar to my Google Account, allowing me to carry it around to check for appointments (which I couldn’t do before because my company has blocked the access to our Exchange servers from smartphones…)

Have fun with it! (Did I mention that it is free?)