Outlook 2013 + Growl

I recently had some time to work myself around Outlook 2013 and was looking for a way to display new mail notifications via growl, so I get notified when not at my computer (using “Notfiy My Android” in conjunction with growl to forward any messages to my smartphone) –  you might remember that my company shut off the access to the Exchange servers via smartphone. So I don’t get the full mail, but I get a notice that a new mail arrived, including its subject. Pretty neat.

I found a little VB-script that you can use in Outlook 2013 (or any Outlook for that matter) to get notifications about new e-mail arriving. You can find the script including instructions over here:

Works like a charm!

Gotham around the corner!

So, with XBMC V13 (alias Gotham) already in feature freeze, we can expect it to drop in a few weeks. I just wanted to bring you up to date on my plans regarding the XBMC Guide for that.

Of course I will be updating the guide completely – giving a new look on the interface, possibilities and updates. I also plan to do the guide way more exhaustive and complete, but I will split it up in multiple versions. This is due to the fact that I still want to maintain a guide for early users, just getting into the gripes of XBMC from the getgo. I will however also try to expand on useful information for the slightly more advanced users, giving insights into XBMC, the way it is built and how to tackle it to get the most from the experience.

I will probably design this guide to be interactive first and static second, changing the priorities of the guide completely – beforehand I fixed on delivering a PDF, now I want to deliver a website which is showing off the information (I’ll still deliver you the PDF-goods, though). Let’s see how that turns out – ’til the next time around!


Just a little advertising here (seriously though – it’s not like I’m getting paid to do this, just wanted to share). Just discovered this neat little service:


It is a very free service which allows you to syncronize your Outlook Calendar with your Google Calendar – in both directions. For free. I just needed such an application desperatly, but couldn’t install gsync because my company does not allow for such dll’s to be installed on our work-laptops. So, now I got an easy way to sync up my work calendar to my Google Account, allowing me to carry it around to check for appointments (which I couldn’t do before because my company has blocked the access to our Exchange servers from smartphones…)

Have fun with it! (Did I mention that it is free?)